The faith family of West Point recognizes the myriad of societal issues needed to be addressed through individual attention and collective action. In our attempt to raise the consciousness level of church and community, we have annual awareness days. These days include, but are not limited to: Pin a Sister Sunday (encouraging women of color to have yearly mammograms), Mental Health, Colorectal Cancer, Adopt A Black Child, Autism Awareness, etc.

We engage in awareness to bring to the forefront the need for information, implementation, and, in some cases, such as Domestic Violence Awareness and Child Abuse Awareness, the need for prevention. Annual awareness days are designed to provide a communal conversation in order to dispel myths and eradicate misinformation. Educated with pertinent information, we then transform these discussions from a moment to a movement—a movement designed to speak truth to power by way of support and/or solutions.

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Wednesday in the Word
7:00 pm

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