We are a tithing church because the Word teaches tithing. Our experience gives witness to tithing. Our obedience to God requires tithing. Our response is to bring our tithes and offerings to the Lord as he has prospered us, for the “tenth shall be holy unto the Lord.” Below is a sample chart on how to calculate your

Make Your Electronic Contribution

Use your tablet or mobile for donating via Paypal or Square.




Determining the Amount to Give

1. Pray sincerely to God, asking His guidance and direction as to what your financial gift will be.

2. You may choose to give on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

Using the Attendance/Offering Envelope

1. Use the Attendance/Offering Envelope when giving your gift. Please supply all of the requested information.

a. We want to give you credit for your financial gifts.
b. The information is used to keep track of attendance.
c. Complete the envelope even when you are including a financial gift.

Please remember that even when you are not present, the financial responsibilities of the church go on just as they do in your home. In the event that you cannot make it to church, please mail your contribution. The address is:

The West Point Missionary Baptist Church
3566-72 S. Cottage Grove Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60653

Contribution Statements

Purpose of Contribution Statements

Any single gift of $250.00 or more to a church, or other charity, can be deducted on the donor’s Federal Income Tax return only if a written receipt has been received by the donor prior to the filing of the return. Canceled checks, or receipts, which show insufficient information or only summary totals, are no longer acceptable by the IRS for such gifts. Managing Your Church Finances…Made Easy by J. David Carter.

Contribution statements are issued in January. Once you receive your statement, please check it immediately. Should you find a discrepancy in your statement, please contact the office, 773-538-7590, immediately. Every effort will be made to correct the discrepancy.

Worship Times

Sunday Morning Worship:
7:45 am (1st Sunday’s only) & 10:00 am

Bible Study:
Wednesday in the Word
7:00 pm

Contact Information


3566 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, Il 60653


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