The persons in this ministry serve as altar attendants during worship services. They are between the ages of 7-14.

Creates and maintains bulletin boards designed to welcome visitors, inform all of special announcements, and enhance the overall beauty of the church narthex.

Given the privilege of being the “keepers of the flock,” providing ministry to appropriate individuals and groups within the congregation, by addressing the needs and joys of our members. This ministry is committed to helping every member feel loved, nurtured and supported during times of illness, stress and sorrow, as well as in times of joy and celebration.

(Membership is by pastoral appointment only.) The word Deacon (diakonos) means minister or servant. Deacons were called in the early church to serve tables. The Deacons of West Point Missionary Baptist Church (WPMBC) are called to assist the pastor in spiritual and ethical affairs of the church. This ministry: teaches Bible classes, visits the sick and shut-in, and serves communion to those who request it on a monthly basis.

(Membership is by pastoral appointment for those who are not spouses of Deacons.): Duties are to support the Deacon Ministry in its role as spiritual leaders, to care for and assist candidates for baptism, and prepare the Lord’s Supper.

Dedicated to improving the lives of men, women, and children who experience violence by providing Christian support, love and comfort to persons involved in emotionally and physically abusive relationships.

Ministry through the art of theatrical presentation. Jesus Christ used parables (stories) as a tool to illustrate all the great works God can do.

Designed to encourage new members to become active in this local church, this ministry works in collaboration with the New Disciples Ministry—ensuring that new members are introduced to all areas of the church and ENCOURAGED to attend and participate.

Outreach is a plan of action to reach out to the community surrounding the church or the people God has called you to seek out. This ministry is charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing the church’s outreach program. This program includes educating and training members to share their faith with others.

Is designed to share the good news of Jesus the Christ through deeds. The Food Pantry feeds the greater Chicago community every Wednesday, 11 p.m. – 1 p.m. This is a 100% volunteer ministry.

Provides an enthusiastic, positive, spiritual, and friendly welcome to each person entering WPMBC before every worship service and special service. This ministry is committed to helping make every worship experience at WPMBC positive and spiritually uplifting for everyone, every time.

Provides for the health needs of the church from a medical perspective.

Holy Hands Sign Language Choir Ministry

Celebrates God through song, by sign language. This ministry is open to all.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Prays by faith, with power, a pure heart, persistence and without ceasing, for the church, the pastoral family, the community, etc., and provides prayer partners.

Provides safety for the congregation, as well as the pastoral family, staff, members and V.I.P.’s. Additionally, assists other ministries with securing funds when necessary and when offerings are received.

Designed to worship and praise God through interpretive dance (Psalm 149:3)., the participants of this ministry are taught the principles of modern dance, ballet, and interpretive dance. They are also taught the African roots of dance in worship and the Biblical basis for praising God with dance.

To equip the men of God to have an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus the Christ, their family, church and community.

(see Counseling Ministry)

Mission Ministry

Designed to serve God through serving humanity, the three service aspects of WPMBC’s Mission Ministry are:

  • Church Mission—caring for the members of this local church.
  • Local Mission—caring for our brothers and sisters in the community.
  • Global Mission—caring for our brothers and sisters in other countries.

Designed for mature, seasoned women who assist the Senior Pastor with carrying out the Biblical model for older women. The mothers are available to aid younger men and women in their Christian growth. In addition, they provide mature Christian perspective to the new believer. Our mothers comfort the sick in body and spirit; they are intercessors for babes in Christ and give Godly direction on how to live a more fulfilled life.

Records, edits, produces, reproduces, and sales the worship services, and other church-related activities as requested, on audio and video diskettes (CD’s and DVD’s).

Creates an atmosphere in which the hearts and minds of individuals are prepared to receive the preached Gospel message. Music is rendered at each worship service and other activities as required by the church. The Music Ministry consists of:

  • Instruments of Praise—Praise and Worship Ensemble (audition)
  • Inspirational Voices of Praise (Gospel choir )
  • The Sanctuary Chorus

To ensure God’s house (the local church) is kept clean and presentable. This ministry is also expedient in meeting the needs of other ministries needing assistance.

(The Point)

Assumes the responsibility of keeping the membership informed of activities and programs, to raise the social consciousness of the congregation regarding local, state, federal and global affairs, and to present the myriad of opportunities available at the church. In addition, it gives members opportunities to become published authors. Contributing journalists and photographers are always welcome.

Designed to journey with all new disciples of WPMBC during New Disciples Orientation, this ministry does new disciples wellness checks on a weekly basis.

To provide assistance to those who have various medical quandaries during or after morning worship and other activities—making sure their needs are met through medical attention.

Designed to provide a safe, enjoyable and educational environment for children left in our care (ages 0-5) allowing parents to feel comfortable while attending Sunday morning worship. Individuals who wish to work with this ministry must be willing to provide information relative to their background and experience regarding childcare, as well as submit to a background check.

(Helping Our People to be Empowered)

To assist our brothers and sisters in the community to achieve greatness by using their own untapped strength and power as the foundation. It also helps persons realize and actualize the gifts GOD has given to them, while empowering and preparing them to use those gifts to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Purposed to provide a pre-determined stipend to actively engaged West Point members who are college bound. Students must be enrolled full-time and documentation of enrollment must be provided before consideration. The faith family members are encouraged to sow seeds into this ministry—making contributions earmarked Scholarship Ministry on the Sacrificial Offering line of giving envelopes.

To assist Christian singles in leading a single, sanctified and sane life. Providing Biblical, financial and social knowledge for growth and stability, this ministry is designed for singles 21 years of age and older, and is not a dating service. Singles include:

  • Never Married
  • Single Again
  • Divorced
  • Widowed
  • Single Parent

The goal and objective is to build trust among Sisters, and attempt to find ways to solve the problems of life, while celebrating the uniqueness of finer Christian woman-hood—Christ being the solution and victor of all. The ministry also teaches the importance of bonding through sisterhood, by being supportive of our Sisters as they move through various seasons of womanhood. In addition, there are regular Sister-to-Sister dialogues to discuss pertinent issues and topics.

Christian mentoring for young boys and men, this ministry promotes an understanding of scripture, encourages academic excellence, heightens cultural awareness through African tribal, rhythmic dance, fosters self-discipline and develops self-esteem.

Committed to providing transportation for members who otherwise would not be able to attend worship services and activities at WPMBC. Volunteer ministry, members must be at least twenty-five (25) years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.

Provides for the health needs of the church from a medical perspective.

Holy Hands Sign Language Choir Ministry

Celebrates God through song, by sign language. This ministry is open to all.

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Prays by faith, with power, a pure heart, persistence and without ceasing, for the church, the pastoral family, the community, etc., and provides prayer partners.

(Membership is by pastoral appointment and approval by the Joint Board).

Usher Ministry

Welcomes members and guests to the church. Ushers’ duties include: distribution of worship bulletins, seating parishioners, assisting with the offertory and other tasks necessary to the orderly and productive flow of church services.

Provides opportunities for youth (ages 6-17) to engage in wholesome Christian activities that lead to their spiritual formation, by using a mix of contemporary and traditional methods within the goals and objectives of the Senior Pastor. This ministry has five (5) purposes:

  • Reach out to youth and children through Evangelism
  • Relate to youth and children through Fellowship
  • Raise the Redeemer (Jesus the Christ) through Worship
  • Ready youth for the work of ministry through Discipleship
  • Release youth to do Ministry[/two_fourth_last]

Worship Times

Sunday Morning Worship:
7:45 am (1st Sunday’s only) & 10:00 am

Bible Study:
Wednesday in the Word
7:00 pm

Contact Information


3566 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, Il 60653


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